Charter Arts In The News

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March 15, 2014- Express Times
“Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts Readies Figure Skating Show for the Ice”
February 2014–Lehigh Valley Style- STYLE SCENE  Pages
Photos from the “Flying Solo” Fashion Show
Dec. 3, 2013- Express Times/ Lehigh Valley Live
‘Staging Area- Construction Kicked off Tuesday for the new Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts’
Nov.11,2013-Lehigh Valley Live
“Local High School Students to perform tonight with Paramore”
Nov. 7,2013- Photo Story-The Morning Call
“Larry Fink lectures LV Charter High School for the Arts 
Nov.9, 2013-The Morning Call
“Famed Photographer Larry Fink gets In the Moment at Charter Arts”
“Arts High School to Host Exhibit by Famed Photographer Larry Fink
Nov. 3, 2013- The Morning Call
“Flying Solo Fashion Show- Photo Story”
“Talent Soars- Flying Solo Fashion Show”
Oct.23, 2013- Bethlehem Press
“The Charter Arts School presents Noises OfF”
Sept. 13, 2013- The Morning Call
“Charter School to get Blessing to Move”
Aug. 21, 2013- Bethlehem Press
“Charter for the Arts gets new Dean”