Beginning the week of June 30th, Main Office summer hours will be 8:00am-2:30pm, Monday-Friday. This does not affect Summer Academy participants who may be leaving or arriving after 2:30pm.

Figure Skating

The Figure Skating Department aims to encourage the personal development of young, aspiring figure skaters with a curriculum focused on elite instruction and unique performing opportunities. As a part of the program, skaters will develop personally through collaboration, skating experiences, and building positive relationships to assist in achieving their skating and academic goals to work towards a successful professional future.

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A message from Allison Fritchman
Coordinator, Charter Arts Figure Skating Program

Welcome to the Charter Arts Figure Skating Department, where we are passionate about developing the talents of figure skaters and preparing skaters for the professional skating world and their future beyond Charter Arts.

This unique major provides opportunities for skaters to experience high standard academics and a figure skating program within the school day. The blend of the two is a dream for skaters to achieve their performance goals and excel in their studies.

The Figure Skating Major provides professional instruction, figure skating studies, and opportunities for student performances. Through the year, figure skating coaches, educators, a dance instructor, and master coaches will instruct beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters. The Charter Arts figure skating department is proud of it’s highly qualified educators from a variety of backgrounds who enjoy sharing their specialized talents with the figure skating department to help inspire skaters to achieve their goals.

The students will experience on ice lessons highlighting the IJS component scores, dance classes, theater studies, and conditioning sessions. On ice, skaters will develop their presentation with professional lessons aligned with the USFS Artistry in Motion and Theater on Ice standards. The curriculum focuses on artistic body movements, finesse, style, choreography, edge quality, expression and interpretation of music. The dance lessons will be instructed by an Charter Arts dance department staff member and based in classical ballet to enhance awareness of body positions, flexibility and concentration. In addition to the artistry, the major will develop a skater’s technical ability with instruction specializing in execution of jumps, spinning techniques and stylized footwork. Off the ice and in the classroom, students will be studying coursework with a variety interests from the figure skating history to performance psychology.

A skater must be dedicated, motivated, energized and looking to progress in his or her skating skills. Skating majors should also be interested in specifically designed coursework and be ready to experience professional instruction on and off the ice. During the year, students will be asked to commit to high standards of academics and performance, pursue opportunities to collaborate with fellow Charter Arts students, and dedicate themselves to study and experience all aspects of figure skating.