The first day of school for ALL students is Tuesday, September 8. Orientation will take place on the first day. Parent Drop-Off & Student Parking Instructions listed on Calendar under First Day of School.

Figure Skating

The Figure Skating Department aims to encourage the personal development of young, aspiring figure skaters with a curriculum focused on elite instruction and unique performing opportunities. As a part of the program, skaters will develop personally through collaboration, skating experiences, and building positive relationships to assist in achieving their skating and academic goals to work towards a successful professional future.

revised on ice

A message from Dawn Christ
Coordinator, Charter Arts Figure Skating Program

Welcome to The LehighValley Charter High School for the Arts Figure Skating Department! Our staff consists of experienced professional figure skating coaches and educators who prepare students to reach their highest potential by focusing on each student’s individual strengths and goals.  Students are challenged academically in a supportive environment that requires them to balance high standards in their academics as well as pursuing their passion for figure skating. Figure skating requires various types of physical and mental preparedness to be successful on and off the ice.
The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts offers an elite and comprehensive figure skating program within a public secondary school setting.  Our program provides a unique experience by offering students the privilege of pursuing their passion for figure skating without forfeiting their right to a free appropriate education aligned to Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards. The curriculum is designed to deliver academic excellence within a rigorous figure skating program. The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts Figure Skating Department is committed to providing an intensive program that maximizes individual talent and performance in the art of figure skating.