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Frequently Asked Questions

Instrumental Music

  • Can I double major between vocal and instrumental music?

    While we do not have a double major per se, a student in one discipline can participate in activities in another discipline, so long as it fits into their schedule. For example, a student who is a trumpet player can also sing in the Touring or Gospel Choir.

  • Are our graduates accepted into college music programs?

    Some of our recent graduates have been accepted to such prestigious institutions as, the Manhattan School of Music, West Chester University, Temple University, William Patterson University, Shenandoah Conservatory, Berkley College of Music, Mannes College The New School of Music, and Oberlin Conservatory.

  • Does Charter Arts have a Marching Band?

    Charter Arts does not currently have a marching band however; we do have large ensembles such as Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Jazz Band and smaller ensembles like our popular Jazz and Brass Ensembles. These ensembles not only perform within the school but are in high demand to perform throughout our community.

  • How often will I perform?

    Charter Arts  offers multiple student performances every month. Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Jazz Band and Jazz Ensembles, Piano Recitals and Chamber Ensemble Recitals perform twice at year in Charter Arts’  Black Box Theater or in an off-site location. Additional opportunities to play at community events, SteelStacks or for non-profit organizations become available throughout the school year. Additional opportunities to play in professional venues with faculty are available to students who excel in their discipline.

  • What makes the music program different than my home district music program?

    You will find that the Charter Arts music program is very different than your home school’s. You will spend half of each school day studying music. Not only will you work on building technique and skills with a specialist on your instrument, you will work closely with peers and faculty to grow in your ability to express yourself through music. Many students who choose to study music after graduation test out of Music Theory classes due to the advanced classes taken at Charter Arts. In addition, Charter Arts maintains a visiting Master Class Program in which nationally acclaimed artists work with students to share their expertise. We feel this is unique within high school programs.