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The Charter Arts Theatre Department is excited to announce its 2017-2018 Season!

MAIN STAGE, Directed by Christopher Morris

Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett

Two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, are awaiting the appearance of Godot. They encounter a few other characters who provoke new thoughts and concerns, but inevitably, the two struggle to pass the time as they wait for Godot to come and save them from a life of danger, confusion and monotony. The English translation of this play premiered in London in 1955, and in a poll conducted by the Royal National Theatre, was deemed “the most significant English language play of the 20th century.

October 20, 21 & 22.

MAIN STAGE, Directed by Kelly Bickert

Steel Magnolias, by Robert Harling

The play opens on Shelby’s wedding day in a small Louisiana parish at Truvy’s in-home beauty salon where the women in this story regularly gather. It covers events over the next three years concerning Shelby’s Type 1 diabetes and her decision to have a child despite the complications that could result from her condition. Clairee’s friendship with the curmudgeon Ouiser; Annelle’s wild personality shifts; and Truvy’s relationships with her husband evoke a lot of laughs, but it’s Shelby and her mother M’Lynn’s struggle to understand each other that make this play a widely produced and beloved drama.

November 17, 18 & 19.

MAIN STAGE, Directed by Ashley Weller

Lovers: Winners and Losers, by Brian Friel

Set in Ireland in the 1960’s, the first act (Winners), tells the story of teenaged lovers, Joe and Mag, who are expecting a baby out of wedlock. Both teens are asked to leave their schools out of disgrace, but Joe’s mother pleads with them to let Joe take his exams since he will need to find work and provide for his family. The two sit atop a hill with the intent to prepare for the exams, but they become easily distracted by their situation and spend the time talking about the past. When Mag and Joe find a boat by the shore and decide to take it out onto the lake, this simple choice leads to their demise. The second act (Losers), is about middle aged lovers, Hanna and Andy, trying to survive their relationship with Hanna’s mother, Mrs. Wilson, and Cissy, her nosy neighbor watching their every move. A drunken Andy mocks Mrs. Wilson’s devout Catholicism, causing further turmoil. In the end Andy and Hanna ultimately lose, stuck in a loveless marriage since divorce was frowned upon at the time.

January 19, 20 & 21.

SECOND STAGE (To Be Announced)

March 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18.

MAIN STAGE MUSICAL, Directed by Diane Wagner

The Drowsy Chaperone, book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison

As a middle-aged, asocial musical theatre fan, otherwise known as “the man in the chair,” shares the record of his favorite musical, the fictional 1928 hit The Drowsy Chaperone, the show comes to life onstage. Through the man’s witty commentary, stereotypical characters, silly plot twists and grand musical numbers, this show offers a perfect parody of 1920’s Musical Theatre.

April 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15.