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Visual Art

In Visual Art, we seek to develop a deep understanding of skill, style, and history as it relates to the creation and interpretation of art.

The Charter Arts Visual Art Department seeks to produce excellence in the Visual Art through intensive training and the implementation of high standards. Presented as an academic, as well as artistic, pursuit, the visual arts curriculum will teach students to perceive connections between art and other subject areas. Students will build upon learned concepts with the intention of gaining mastery, concentration, a strong work ethic and discipline.

LVPA ~ Visual Art

Message from Lorie Reinhard
Director, Charter Arts Visual Art Program

On behalf of the entire Visual Art Department at Charter Arts, I’d like to extend an invitation to you to learn more about the skills and experiences offered in our department.

LVPA ~ Visual ArtStudents combine rigorous study and practice with experimentation and creativity. Opportunities to exhibit exist for successful and dedicated students who share a deep love, passion and understanding of the qualities necessary to create outstanding work.

The courses required of the Visual Art major have been carefully designed in order to provide a structured and classical art education. The students will be rigorously trained in drawing, painting, sculpture, design, and educated in art history. Through practice, study, analysis, reading and research, they will learn to apply their intelligence and discernment to the art they create. Those skills that aid their artistic development will also help them thrive in academic environments at Charter Arts and beyond.

If you feel that the visual arts program may be a good fit for your child, please feel free to contact me, or visit with our faculty at one of our Open House evenings.