Grade 9

Composition and Color

This course will refine students’ skills and build upon already learned concepts with a focus on more sophisticated drawing, strong composition, and basic color systems.

Design Essentials

In this course students will study the elements of two dimensional drawing with an emphasis on the language and tools of design, draftsmanship, measurement, and pictorial space.

Art History I: Prehistoric-Medieval

This course is a full-year intensive survey of Western art from approximately 28,000 B.C.-1400 A.D. The emphasis is placed on the art of prehistoric man, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Early Christian/ Byzantine, Early Medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic art.

Grade 10

Introduction to Figure

This course emphasizes more advanced concepts with three dimensional constructions, the anatomy of the head, and basic proportions of the human figure.

Figure Studio

This course is an advanced figure-drawing class with an emphasis on human anatomy, comparative animal anatomy, plaster casts, master copies, and imagination drawing.

Art History II: Early Italian Renaissance-Rococo

This course is a full-year intensive survey of European painting and sculpture from 1400-1780. The emphasis is placed on the Early, High, and Late Renaissance of Italy; Late Gothic; Renaissance of Northern Europe; the Baroque of Italy, Spain, Flanders, Holland, England, and France; as well as the Rococo.

Grade 11

Introduction to Sculpture

Students will study the tools, techniques, and processes of sculpture with an emphasis on carving, modeling and construction. Students will have the experience of working three-dimensionally with a variety of materials and processes while developing the ability to evaluate form in depth and in the round.

Oil Painting and Color Theory

This course familiarizes students with oil media, painting tools and brush handling. Students will work toward mastering value relationships, blocking-in, brush touch, various palettes, color theory, color intensity versus neutrality, and composition.

Art History III: Neoclassicism-Contemporary

This course is a full-year intensive survey of European and American painting and sculpture from 1760 through the modern age. The emphasis is placed on Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstraction, Surrealism, and Contemporary art.

Portfolio Preparation

This course provides art majors with the necessary skills and information needed to further their education at the collegiate level. All students are required to research college options, design/produce a portfolio, and become accustomed to the college admission process.

Grade 12

Advanced Painting Studio

Students will work in order to further gain greater sensitivity and confidence with the process of oil painting. The emphasis will be placed on advanced color theory, palette mixing, more sophisticated painting techniques and brushwork, mood, composition and more challenging subject matter.

Advanced Drawing Studio

Students will work in order to further their understanding of value relationships, linear elements, advanced color theory, more sophisticated drawing techniques and more challenging subject matter.

Advanced Sculpture Studio

Students will work in order to further their understanding of 3-D observation from life, anatomy of the human head, working from imagination using non-traditional materials/media, and mold-making processes.

Contracted Art Studio

This course enables seniors to further develop their artistic voice under the guidance of an instructor. Each student will conceive, plan, develop, execute, exhibit and evaluate a singular idea in the art medium of personal choice. Students are required to carefully document the design process in a design journal that will include sketches, plans, timetables, work hours and dates.

Senior Seminar and Exhibition

This course will focus on fine-tuning portfolios, finalizing the college search, college application process, artist statements, professionalism, career research, fundraising/planning for the end of the year senior exhibit, and the business of living a life in the arts.

Advanced Placement Art History

Seniors who have successfully completed Art History II and III are eligible to apply for AP Art History their senior year. This accelerated course prepares students for the AP Art History exam with a focus on reviewing artistic movements and studying the broader themes of art. Both Western and Eastern traditions of art are covered.