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Chinyu Hsu

Phone: 610-868-2971 Ext. 2304

Xu laoshi was born and grew up in the Republic of China. Today, Xu laoshi holds an associate degree in the study of Japanese language/Japanese business, a bachelor’s degree in education/mathematics, and a master’s degree in education as well. Xu laoshi was a teacher of various levels of Chinese language & Chinese culture for students in Pittsburgh area. She enrolled a seminar of Asian Study in the University of Pittsburgh where she was able to share her interests with other educators. Xu laoshi stays connected with friends and relatives who are residents of China. She loved traveling in different places, and she has been to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Xu laoshi hopes that one day she can organize a trip for her students to visit some of the countries in East Asia. Because she believes – a life experience is the best way to learn a new concept.