Raina Mast

Email: rmast@charterarts.org
Phone: (610) 868-2971 Ext. 112

Raina Mast is an educator and artist. She was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley and has been teaching professionally since 2001. Ms. Mast received a B.A. from Dickinson College with a double major in Spanish and Fine Art.

She also earned a Masters in Education from Pace University in 2006. This masters program focused on the science of learning Spanish as a second language at the secondary level, and she is currently certified as a teacher of Spanish.

Raina Mast has taught in both independent and public school settings in Easton, New York City and San Juan. Ms. Mast fosters interdisciplinary learning and uses individualized, differentiated instruction in her classroom to assist students in recognizing and utilizing their talents to achieve success. She strives to integrate art into the curriculum, providing students with the opportunity to think critically and express themselves uniquely while learning the standardized skills of the Spanish curriculum. Raina Mast also has experience as a painter, ceramacist, quilter, dancer, and music producer. She joined the Charter Arts faculty in 2011.