School Store

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NEW Red CHARTS hooded sweatshirt:  $40

NEW CHARTS jogger pants:  $40

CHARTS Caps:  $15

Literary Arts Tee- ‘Poe a Tree’:  $15

Instrumental Music Tee:  $15

Theatre Tee “Rehearsing my lines”:  $15

Visual Art Tee “The Earth without Art is just Eh”:  $15

Rehearsal Tee “Sorry I can’t I have rehearsal”- GREEN, BLUE, PINK:  $15

Skating Tee:  $15

Dance Tee “Life is Point-less Without Ballet”:  $15

Vocal Tee “Without music life would B” : $15

Charter Arts White Polo: $20

Charter Arts Black Tee:  $10

Charter Arts Yoga Pants with drawstring:  $15

Charter Arts Sweatpants:  $15