Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the majority of questions we receive center regarding the audition necessary for admission to the vocal music program.

  • How long is the audition?

    Most auditions last 10-15 minutes, including performance of your prepared literature, vocalizing to explore range, rhythmic and melodic sight-singing, and a personal interview.

  • Who will be listening to my audition?

    There will be at least two members of the Charter Arts vocal staff adjudicating your audition. Your parents or other adults accompanying you to Charter Arts on the day of your audition are asked to wait in the commons area until your audition is complete.

  • Should I have my music memorized?

    No, your music does not need to be memorized.

  • How many copies of my sheet music should I bring?

    Please bring at least copies for yourself and the pianist, along with two additional copies for the teachers adjudicating your audition.

  • What kind of music should I prepare for the audition?

    Classical art song, folk song arrangements, musical theatre standards, or other similar styles are appropriate for the vocal audition. Please do not present us with rock, pop, or original compositions.

  • Should I have more than one song?

    Yes. Please come prepared with two songs in contrasting style. You will most likely sing excerpts from both songs in the audition, however there may not be time for complete performances of both. Do not be upset when we stop you part way through!

  • Can I bring a recording to sing with?

    Please do not bring recorded accompaniments to sing with; they will not be accepted.

  • Will I have to sight-read?

    Yes. There are both rhythmic and vocal sight-reading elements to the vocal audition. This is one category of many that contribute to your final audition result.

  • Can I still audition if I don’t read music?

    Yes. We understand that our students come to us with a wide variety of experiences and strengths. Music reading is the single most important skill needed for success as a student in Charter Arts’ music curriculum. Please be ready to dedicate personal time and effort to improve your music reading skills.

  • What other information regarding my musical experience should I have with me?

    There will be a short interview after the performance portion of your audition. It is not mandatory that you provide a written outline of your performance experience. Please be prepared to discuss your past performances, ensembles with which you have sung, other instruments you play, and what unique qualities you offer to the Charter Arts music department.

  • What if I don’t know my range or voice type?

    Each student is asked to sing several vocal exercises during the audition, giving you a chance to warm up, as well as allowing us to explore the quality and range of your voice.

  • Do I need to play piano or another instrument as a vocal major?

    No. While some of our most successful incoming freshmen do have at least some instrumental background in piano or other ensemble instruments, many students accepted to the vocal department have no additional instrumental experience. The score-reading skills developed by playing an instrument have proven very helpful to young vocalists who are seeking the higher level of performance offered at Charter Arts, and you may be encouraged to explore learning to play an instrument for your own musical development.