Donor Spotlight

After witnessing the talent of Charter Arts students and alumni at an event in late 2012, Anne and Bruce Lawrence of Bethlehem donated $3 million to the Redefining Lives, the Community and the World through Art Capital Campaign.  

As dedicated supporters of the arts and proponents of the value of arts education in schools, the Lawrence family knew that Charter Arts was the perfect fit for their gift.

“When we learned that the school has a waiting list of students, and there are many teachers who want the chance to teach at the school, we felt that there is a truly successful formula at Charter Arts that should be rewarded and continue,” says Bruce Lawrence.  “When we are at the school and we feel the wonderful energy from the students and teachers, we know that this is a great organization that deserves community support.”

“With significant cuts to arts programs in the public school system, we know how valuable a school like Charter Arts is and will be for the future of education,” says Anne Lawrence.

Anne and Bruce, along with their family, have become members of the Charter Arts family.  “We have enjoyed attending school events and seeing the tremendous impact this school makes on the lives of its students,” says their daughter, Eve Metzger.   “I would have loved to have had the option to attend a school like Charter Arts when I was a high school student.”

The Lawrence family made the dream of a new Charter Arts facility a reality.  “The plans for a new school building have been in development for over three years; and the generosity of Anne and Bruce Lawrence last year solidified this project and allowed us to move forward,” says Diane LaBelle, Charter Arts Executive Director & CEO.   “Our students, parents, faculty, staff and administration are aware of the significant impact this family has made on our school.”

With the start of construction coming soon the Lawrence family look forward to watching the progress of the facility over the next year.  “We are excited about the possibilities that the new school building will bring to an already successful program,” says Eve Metzger.


adjusted lawrences(Photo:  Eve Metzger, Bruce and Anne Lawrence)