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Vocal Solos Recital, May 11 & 12
Chamber Ensemble Concert, May 13 & 14
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Jimena Carias


Jimena Carías is a passionate journalist from Honduras. Her work experience started as a Communication Officer with a specialty in Public Relations. She worked with Danish, EU, and USA donors in humanitarian projects for developing countries. She then pursued her filmmaking dream. In 2016 she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting. Parallel to her communication career, Jimena has danced since she was 14, she practiced ballet, contemporary, flamenco, jazz, tango, and folklore. She found her passion for performing and teaching fitness and middle eastern dances.

Recently she worked as an Admission Counselor at Northampton Community College and since then enjoyed helping students achieve their educational goals.  Jimena is currently working on a Master of Education at DeSales University. Jimena wants to share her love for the Spanish language and culture with all her students and colleagues.

Jimena believes that every moment is a learning moment. We are all capable of learning, and knowledge is a powerful tool to create a peaceful community and a better world.