Cynthia Evans

Phone: (610) 868-2971 Ext.2211

Cyndi Evans is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in both Secondary Education and Mathematics. In 2009, she earned her Master of Science degree from the University of Scranton in Curriculum and Instruction, and in 2022, she finished a series of leadership graduate classes, passed the administration Praxis test, and earned her certification in Administration. Mrs. Evans has taught all levels of math from Pre-Algebra through Calculus and has over nineteen years of experience teaching high school. She has taught in New Hope, PA, Prince George, VA, and Stewartsville, NJ and holds valid teaching certificates in mathematics in all three states.  She is level II certified in mathematics in the state of PA.

Mrs. Evans feels very blessed to have a job that she loves.  She truly enjoys helping her students to grow in their knowledge, understanding, confidence, and enjoyment of mathematics and its many real-world applications.  Mrs. Evans finds teaching to be both a challenging and rewarding job.  Being a teacher allows her the opportunity to be a role model and have a positive impact on the lives of her students.

Mrs. Evans and her husband are the proud parents of three grown children and have been married for over thirty years. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking, and spending time with her family.  She is the Federal Funding Coordinator at the school, leads the Math Department as the chair, and is delighted to teach at Charter Arts.