Chris Kieszek

Phone: 610-868-2971 Ext. 2212

Chris Kieszek is a Lehigh Valley Native. He went to Liberty High School and attended Moravian College. While at Moravian, he was involved with tutoring for the math department. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Moravian College in 2012 earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. He won the Marlyn A. Rader Memorial Prize in Mathematics for his high achievements and scores in math and was also inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon for his hard work in the field. He has worked in many school districts including Bethlehem, Parkland, Southern Lehigh, and Lehigh Valley Academy.

Chris Kieszek has always had a passion in mathematics, but found his true calling for teaching while he was in high school. One of his math teachers had a project where the students had to pick a math topic and teach it to the class. He chose to teach imaginary numbers. After his presentation to the class, many of his friends came up to him afterwards to tell him that now they really had a better understanding of the material and in fact, they found his way more understandable than the teachers! From then on he knew he wanted to be a teacher.

Chris Kieszek has many other passions outside of school. These include playing sports but mostly baseball and golf. He also enjoys building models of all kind, listening to music (but wishes he could create his own), and during the warm weather, loves to be outside in the pool or at the beach. He is excited to be part of the Charter Arts and looks forward to continuing his career at the school and working with the students.