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Florentine Stoop

Phone: 610-868-2971 Ext. 2222

Mx. Stoop joined the Charter Arts community in 2017, teaching two levels of Chinese.  Since then, they have grown and developed the Mandarin program to its current state – offering four levels of Mandarin courses.

Mx. Stoop is passionate about languages and communication.  They received their B.A. in East Asian Studies and Chinese from Ursinus College.  They lived in Nanjing, China in 2015, studying Mandarin, Chinese culture, and exploring mainland China.  Some of their favorite places they visited were Xi’an, Hangzhou, Dunhuang, and Shanghai.  They are excited to share their knowledge and experience with students.

Mx. Stoop was born and raised in Connecticut and has been living in Pennsylvania for about seven years.  They enjoy traveling, kayaking, biking, hiking, yoga, reading, photography, film, video games, and cooking.  Mx. Stoop is also a certified Yoga instructor and strives to bring mindfulness into their teaching.

Sharing a passion for language is a joy and Mx. Stoop looks forward to what each new year will bring!