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Paul Walsh

Phone: (610) 868-2971 Ext. 3145

Paul Walsh is a graduate of Kutztown University where he attained a degree in secondary education with a concentration in English literature.  He began teaching at Charter Arts for the 2011-2012 school year and he never looked back.  Mr. Walsh finds Charter Arts to be a remarkable school with incredibly talented students. The outstanding faculty works together with the students to create an environment that is brilliantly infused with the arts. Mr. Walsh acts as the Artistic Director of the Literary Arts Program. He is thankful each and every day that he has been given the opportunity to head this program knowing that even the most tenured of collegiate professors may not have the chance to teach what he does on a daily basis.

Through an Advanced Placement (AP) summer institute at Rutgers University, Mr. Walsh is recognized as a certified AP English teacher for both English Language and Composition and English Literature and Composition by the College Board. He has had a passion for reading and writing as long as he can remember, and he goes into every school day hoping that passion rubs off on his students. His areas of interest include Modernist literature, Postmodernist literature, and all forms of poetry. He is currently continuing his education by attaining a Masters of English Literature Degree. Mr. Walsh has self-published a collection of poetry and is working on another collection. He is also in the midst of trying his hand at novel-writing for the first time.

Although he does love reading and writing, he also has a huge place in his heart for the game of baseball. Mr. Walsh is a coaches baseball at Bethlehem Catholic High School as well as senior legion baseball for the North End Wanderers over the summer break.