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School Counseling Department

The Charter Arts School Counseling Department is staffed with a Director of School Counseling, two full-time school counselors and a Director of Admissions and Assessments.

The School Counseling Department of Charter Arts utilizes a consistent student-centered approach that aims to support each individual’s growth and the pursuit of their goals, both present, and future.

Charter Arts students are assigned to a school counselor alphabetically by last name; as such, students work with the same school counselor from 9th through 12th grade. The department’s curriculum includes:

  • Course Request/Scheduling
  • Managing Graduation Requirements
  • Career Inventory/Preparation
  • College Planning
  • Academic Advisement
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Transitional support into high school
  • Organization/Time management skill building
  • Social support/Peer Conflict Resolution

Students can meet with their school counselors by appointment during their regularly scheduled study hall and/or over their lunch hour. Students can request to meet with their counselor by completing a conference request form, and are generally scheduled for an appointment within one week.

To request a meeting with Mrs. Covelle (last names A-C) use this form.

To request a meeting with Mr. Hazim (last names D-Mc) use this form.

To request a meeting with Ms. Naugle (last names Me-Z) use this form.

Parent/Guardian(s) are encouraged to contact their student’s school counselor by phone or email to discuss or make an appointment regarding any of the above services provided.