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June 18- A Letter regarding the Charter Arts Board of Directors' Resolution on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
June 2- A Letter from Executive Director, Diane LaBelle,to the Charter Arts Community

Charter Arts Grading System

A grading system is a communication tool. Teachers use grades to inform students and their parent/guardian(s) about progress in each course. Charter Arts teachers use an electronic grade book called PowerTeacher, which is supported by our student information system, PowerSchool. Students and parents are encouraged to access the public portal of PowerSchool regularly to keep track of student progress (

Charter Arts teachers use a variety of assessment methods to allow students to demonstrate their learning and progress. Report cards are issued four times per year, and all departments use numeric grades to indicate achievement. The percentage ranges and GPA equivalents are indicated below. Instructors use the actual numerical percentage earned in each course as the grade for each course. A [11] numerical grade of 65% or higher is considered a passing grade. Report cards are mailed home to parents. All courses, including those in the artistic areas, are graded with a numerical grading system.

Charter Arts uses a non-weighted system to calculate the grade point average value. Charter Arts calculates GPA for each student using the scale below. Therefore, the official transcript communicates the cumulative rigor of a student’s high school coursework. High honor roll and honor roll will be determined at the end of each marking period. ● High honor roll = 93% or better in all classes ● Honor roll = 87% or better in all classes We will not provide or calculate class rank. The basis of college acceptance will continue to focus on grades, courses taken, college entrance exams, and the student portfolio of achievement/performance in all areas.

Numerical Grade Alphabetical Grade GPA Point Value
100 A+ 4
99 A+ 3.95
98 A+ 3.9
97 A+ 3.85
96 A 3.8
95 A 3.75
94 A 3.7
93 A 3.65
92 A- 3.6
91 A- 3.55
90 A- 3.5
89 B+ 3.4
88 B+ 3.3
87 B+ 3.2
86 B 3.1
85 B 3
84 B 2.9
83 B 2.8
82 B- 2.7
81 B- 2.6
80 B- 2.5
79 C+ 2.4
78 C+ 2.3
77 C+ 2.2
76 C 2.1
75 C 2
74 C 1.9
73 C 1.8
72 C- 1.7
71 C- 1.6
70 C- 1.5
69 D 1.4
68 D 1.3
67 D 1.2
66 D 1.1
65 D 1
64-45 F 0