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Bus Tour

On June 8, 2020,  Charter Arts’ administrators embarked on a bus tour, called “Park and Circumstance”, to celebrate with members of its Class of 2020.   Since the school’s student body hails from more than 40 school districts across a ten-county region, the ability to visit senior students individually who reside in such a wide geographic region was not logistically possible, so the school arranged public park stops throughout the region.

Seniors and their families were invited to attend a destination close to their residence. Teachers also joined the festivities at various stops. The tour started and ended at the school, which is located at 321 East 3rd Street in Bethlehem, and park stops throughout the day included: Emmaus Community Park, Quakertown Municipal Park, Cedar Beach Park, Bucky Boyle Park, Saylor Park, Danielsville Park, Jacobsburg Park, and Forks Community Park.

This special initiative allowed administrators to celebrate these extraordinary students on the day that would have been their original graduation ceremony date (the school’s graduation ceremony which was originally scheduled for June 8, 2020, has been rescheduled to July 30-31).

Due to a fundraising effort initiated by the school in early May, funds were raised to send graduation boxes to seniors a few weeks ago. The boxes included their cap and gown, a yard banner, and more!  For “Park and Circumstance”, seniors and their families arrived to take pictures in front of the school bus with decorated caps, signs, and props.