Workshops for Adults

The Adult Enrichment Workshop Series at Charter Arts is open to the public.  The program is a fundraiser for the school as proceeds benefit the school.

A Deep Dive Into Art Appreciation: Demystifying Art with Roger Brinker

This lecture series will help you discover how to look at a drawing, painting, or sculpture with a probing eye. Learn to see beyond the image and find the artistic elements common to realistic and abstract artworks. Develop the confidence to make your own artistic opinions.

Brinker will take the art admirer on a profound exploration into the history of art, tracing the genealogy of artists through their training with master artists in the academies and art schools of France and Italy all the way to the beginning of Western art.

Ideal for beginner to advanced art enthusiasts. 

Thursday nights ,6-8 PM starting March 7, 2019  (this workshop runs for four consecutive Thursday evenings)

Fee:  $75

Download a registration form here or call 610-868-2971 Ext 3185 to register over the phone.