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This elegant and entertaining evening event is our largest fundraiser of the year and benefits our mission to support the educational interests of the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts
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Academic Spaces

Charter Arts students take their core academic classes very seriously.

Core subjects are taught by experienced and dedicated faculty.

Students graduate with the skills and knowledge to further their education in a wide variety of majors and to prepare them for successful careers.  Charter Arts alumni are making an impact in all sectors of the world from business to medicine to education.   This success all began in the academic classroom.

The newly designed science lab will offer students the ability to perform critical experiments and lab studies that inform their understanding of scientific concepts. The technology sandbox is a space designed to showcase new technologies and give Charter Arts  students easy access to collaborative learning using digital media.
Make an investment in the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers by purchasing the rights to a math, science or humanities classroom.

Area to be Named Cost of Area Status
Science Lab $ 75,000.00 available
Technology Sandbox $ 50,000.00 available
Resource Library $ 25,000.00 available
Math Classroom 1 $ 7,500.00 available
Math Classroom 2 $ 7,500.00 available
Math Classroom 3 $ 7,500.00 available
Science Classroom 1 $ 7,500.00 available
Science Classroom 2 $ 7,500.00 available
English Classroom 1 $ 7,500.00 available
English Classroom 2 $ 7,500.00 available
English Classroom 3 $ 7,500.00 available
English Classroom 4 $ 7,500.00 available
Foreign Language Suite $ 25,000.00 Unavailable
Foreign Language Classroom 1 $ 7,500.00 available
Foreign Language Classroom 2 $ 7,500.00 available
Foreign Language Classroom 3 $ 7,500.00 available
History Classroom 1 $ 7,500.00 available
History Classroom 2 $ 7,500.00 available
History Classroom 2 $ 7,500.00 available