The Charter Arts Giving Circle announced this year's grant award-winning projects!

Give to Endow


Gain a level of immortality by leaving a Legacy Gift to Charter Arts

The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts makes an indelible impact on our students every day.  Students are nurtured during their four years at Charter Arts and encouraged to grow their talent, become innovative thinkers, and discover their place in the world.

Charter Arts has graduated over 1200 young people who are beginning their journey in life.  As a young school, we await the day that our alumni experience success and affluence.  We are confident someone will remember their seeds of inspiration and look back on Charter Arts as the place it all began.  At that time our alumni will become benefactors to the school, and Charter Arts will become financially secure and sustainable for generations to come.

Until that time, we need YOUR help. 

YOU have an opportunity to make a difference NOW!

Honestly, we ask you to gift your resources to Charter Arts instead of giving your resources to Uncle Sam.  This is your “social capital” and support for Charter Arts will better serve your hard-earned money. Of course when planning your estate, you must take care of your loved ones.  But, after you have planned for them, please consider adding Charter Arts to your estate plans.  You may do so in several ways;

  • Please add Charter Arts as a percentage beneficiary in your will.
  • Charter Arts can also be named a beneficiary to an IRA account, a life insurance policy or an annuity.
  • You can choose an event-driven approach through the sale of stocks, real estate or business resources.

Charter Arts will help you make a gift by connecting you with a financial advisor to guide the process.  We are ready to start a conversation that includes you and your family and your ability to make a real, game-changing difference for Charter Arts.

To begin this journey, please call 610-868-2971 ext. 3154 to speak with Dawn Fernandez.