Dance Spaces

The carefully designed, student-centered dance curriculum is both physically and intellectually stimulating, with a focus on developing finely tuned technicians and creative dance artists.
The new Dance Department Suite is designed to enhance the curriculum and provide ample studio space to explore the study of dance. The studios are situated on the second floor and overlook the busy Third Street shopping and restaurant district.  Show your love and support of the dance program by purchasing the naming rights to one of the specially designed studios or support rooms.

Area to be Named Cost of Area Status
Dance Suite $ 100,000.00 available
Dance Studio 1 $ 25,000.00 available
Dance Studio 2 $ 25,000.00 available
Dance Studio 3 $ 25,000.00 available
Dance Studio 4 $ 25,000.00 available
Costume Storage $ 7,500.00 available
Changing Room 1 $ 5,000.00 unavailable
Changing Room 2 $ 5,000.00 available
Dancer’s Loungs $ 5,000.00 available
Training Room $ 5,000.00 available
Dance Office $ 5,000.00 available