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English Department Chair:  Kelly Wilson-Kelly

The English/Language Arts Department at Charter Arts is committed to an English education that revolves around diversity of literature, writing experience, and the human condition. Students will be prepared for life-long engagement with oral and written communication beginning with an introduction to the foundations of language and literature, followed by studies in World, American, and British literature.

We offer a wide range of courses from basic skills, college preparatory, honors, to advanced placement.  Our curriculum builds language skills sequentially from freshman through senior levels. Our integrated writing/literature based courses introduce, develop, and refine student skills in all aspects of the writing process including literary analysis essays, personal essays, creative writing, and research writing.  In addition, developmental skills in close reading and analysis are approached through the study of both fiction and nonfiction texts that center on the genres of short story, poetry, novel, drama, essays, speeches, memoir, film, etc.

A major emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking and analytical writing skills through class discussions, group projects, and written communications. Students have the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary studies by examining history, culture, and art alongside the literature they read. The main goal of the department is for students to have daily opportunities to hone the five literacies necessary for cogent and concise communication: listening, thinking, speaking, reading, and writing.