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Seminar Department

The goal of the Seminar Department is for students to be successful in their transition to high school, to practice healthy habits, and to think about and prepare for their future.  Throughout their time at Charter Arts, the Seminar Department will engage students in three separate learning experiences.  This process begins with Transitional Skills into High School Freshman year, Health and Wellness Sophomore year, and finally Career and College readiness in the Junior year.  The Seminar Department also works in close collaboration with the school counseling department in artifact collection to build a portfolio for each student.

9th Grade:  ChArts Seminar (Transitional Skills into High School)

This course is an extension of new student orientation where we acclimate incoming students to Charter Arts. The following themes are explored through discussions and group activities to promote feelings of belonging and support:

Course Themes:*Handbook * Student Code of Conduct * Executive Functioning * Google Suite Training * Digital Citizenship * Career and College Planning * Self- Advocacy *

10th Grade:  Health & Family Science Seminar 

The Health/Wellness course focuses on understanding and improving the whole self and engages students in conversations about healthy living and the consequences of risk-taking behavior.  Students will explore the availability of mental, social, and emotional resources within their local communities, and they will research and debate national health policies and legislation and the impact that these policies have on society at large – past, present, and future.

Course themes:* Emotional/Mental Health * Nutrition * Substance Abuse * Family Health * Safety/First Aid *

11th Grade: Career and College Readiness Seminar

This course begins with the end in mind by having the students research  careers that interest them and plan these career paths accordingly. Students will meet with community members and seek community connections to prepare themselves for their post-graduation life. This seminar does require individual research and will improve student writing skills as they will work on resumes, cover letters, and college essays and/or career/entrepreneurial plans. We hope that this class helps the students find their callings and feel more at ease about their future.