"Coffee Talk with the Director of Admissions"
Saturday, August 7th- 9:30 AM
Virtual Session designed for prospective students and families who are learning about Charter Arts for the first time.

Literary Arts

Literary Arts majors at Charter Arts explore the relationship between literature, reading, writing, and performance of the spoken word while honing their craft and producing works in various mediums.  The Literary Arts program is a perfect fit for students who would like to strive for future careers as poets, novelists, and playwrights.

Students will analyze and write critically and creatively, experimenting with their own creative voices in the construction, production, and performance of original works.  This intensive program provides students with a rigorous curriculum rooted in the creative process while reinforcing that reading, writing, and the spoken word are integral parts of the history and development of society.

A Message from Paul Walsh, Artistic Director of Literary Arts:

Welcome to the Charter Arts Literary Arts program. The Literary Arts program at Charter Arts offers students the opportunity to express their unique voices in a multiplicity of mediums. This expression stems both from students’ interaction with a wide array of literary texts and from their ability to write creatively on a daily basis. Our goal is to offer a rigorous program like no other in the area in an attempt to better prepare students for competitive collegiate programs as well as professional careers that center on the Literary Arts.

The Literary Arts curriculum is designed in a way that provides for both creative and academic approaches to literature. The course work is firmly rooted in the practices of deep, analytical reading and purposeful writing. And although many courses will center on these skills, the program also recognizes the importance of students’ ability to express themselves in oral form. Future employers, regardless of field, consistently articulate the notion that the most admirable qualities in an employee are the ability to effectively speak and write. Our goal is for students in the Literary Arts program to leave Charter Arts with new confidence in their ability to effectively communicate with the world around them no matter what career they choose to pursue.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning the Literary Arts major at Charter Arts. I would be more than happy to provide any information regarding the program so that both students and parents are fully aware of the course work, expectations, and demands of the Literary Arts Department.

Paul Walsh, pwalsh@charterarts.org