November 30, 2021
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Production Arts

A Message from Rae Labadie, Artistic Director of Production Arts:

Developing artists and artisans, the Production Arts department focuses on the conceptual, technical, and artistic elements of production values working collaboratively to tell a compelling story.

Students in this department will explore the making of both live and recorded entertainment productions through producing, event management, design, technology and construction. Students will graduate with skills in set design and construction, costume design and construction, audio and video production, lighting design, stage management, prop fabrication, special effects makeup application, projection design and animation, and more.

Production Arts students will collaborate as a design team to produce original works including but not limited to: design-centric performance, multi-medium collages, and immersive installations. The Production Arts Department offers students the opportunity to work with directors, choreographers and peers on conceptualizing, designing, and creating for school-wide events and performances.

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