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Production Arts

A Message from Rae Labadie, Artistic Director of Production Arts:

The Production Arts Department was created after realizing the need for creative minds and skilled workers to support the many events and productions put on by the Charter Arts student body. But we’re taking it one step further. Students in the Production Arts Department will have the opportunity to work with directors, choreographers and peers on school-wide events and performances, but will focus on collaborating as a design team within the department to produce works of their own including but not limited to: design-centric performance, multi-medium collages, and immersive installations.

2019 marks the second year for this department. This year is about discoveries, stretching boundaries, reaching higher and getting to know yourself as an artist. Your interests, enthusiasm and input will be key factors in the development of our new department, so come with your thinking caps on and your minds wide open. Please feel free to contact me at