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Emergency Response Protocol

Emergency Response Protocol for Parents/Guardians

Unfortunately, our school and others throughout the country may be affected either directly or indirectly by a crisis of some kind at any time. Therefore, it is our goal to be prepared to handle these unforeseen circumstances. In an effort to keep our students safe, we run drills regularly throughout the school year.

Our school follows an Ambulatory Safety Strategy. All students and staff are trained each year on this protocol and the Standard Response Protocol poster hangs in every classroom. The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts administration and staff, together with the City of Bethlehem Police Department emergency management, trained to use the Standard Response Protocol. 

  • For more information about safety processes and procedures and the reunification process please Parent/Guardian response protocol: Student/Family Handbook.
  • During an emergency, it is important that parents/guardians do not arrive at the school, unless instructed to do so.

Charter Arts’ on-site security agency is Executive Security Services (ESS). ESS works in partnership with the Bethlehem Police Department and local resources to monitor and support the school with all security matters during school hours and at all events. 

The school conducts fire/evacuation drills monthly.  The school also conducts several lock down drills throughout the school year.  Learn more about the School Safety Committee and School Safety, HERE.

In the event of an emergency, the school currently uses the following color-coded safety actions:

“Hold in Place” (Green/Yellow) This restricted movement action might be called for an incident such as a medical hold to ensure privacy for the individual experiencing a medical event, etc. Instruction takes place as usual in the classroom, no movement is allowed in hallways until the action is released.  Parents/guardians will not be informed of Green or Yellow “Hold in Place” actions.  If an extended hold is used then parents/guardians will be informed of the reason for this extended hold.

“Evacuate”- This action might be called in the event of a fire, etc.  Students and staff will evacuate to the school’s designated evacuation location.

“Lockdown” (Orange/Red) This action might be called when there is a suspected or imminent threat to the school community.