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The Charter Arts Dance Department provides an outstanding dance education that offers students diverse opportunities to discover their creative potential through daily problem solving and independent thinking.  Students will study dance as an art form in a unique and stimulating environment, participating in a physically and mentally challenging curriculum.

A Message from Jennifer Weaver, Artistic Director of Dance

Our dance program gives students a comprehensive and quality dance education in an environment that nurtures the talent of each individual. Students will engage in an array of technique classes, improvisation, composition and dance history classes.  Our dance majors also have numerous performing opportunities throughout the year, both in school and in the community.

Upon graduation, our well-rounded students have the ability to pursue, with confidence, a higher education in dance as well as future work with professional dance companies and theatrical, television or film productions.  Those students who decide to pursue other careers have obtained skills in our program that prepare them for any field, all while acquiring a lasting appreciation for dance as a result from their Charter Arts Dance Experience.