Title I Policy

Title I Policy

Title I Family Engagement Policy 19-20

Title I Parent Right to Know Letter 2019-2020

Title I Family Engagement Policy 19-20 SPANISH

Title I Parent Right to Know Letter 2019-2020 SPANISH

Parental Involvement

The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts recognizes a child’s education is the responsibility shared by the school and family. We agree that the education of students is a cooperation effort among the school parents/guardians and community.

In compliance with federal law, the school and parents/guardians of students participating in the Title I program shall jointly develop and agree upon a written parental involvement policy. The school supports parent/guardians as leaders and decision makers at all levels concerning the education of their child.
A written plan for Title I parent involvement that establishes programs and practices to enhance parental involvement will be jointly developed by parents and school staff. It will provide a sense of direction for designing initial and on-going activities. This plan will also include a school-parent contract that will support the development, implementation and regular evaluation of the parent involvement program.

The Role of Title I in The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts

The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts provides Title I support in the regular classroom and individual instruction through math and reading/writing workshops to identified student in grades 9-12.
Title I services are provided in workshop classes by math and reading/writing teachers working collaboratively with the regular classroom teachers. This approach provides students with individualized attention in areas of weakness. An additional service in the area of math is provided in the way of an extended Algebra I class that allows students to attend math class everyday instead of every other day so that their foundation in math can be strengthened.
Support services in the areas of math and reading/writing are also provided through peer tutoring by the National Honor Society.
In order to be eligible to receive Title I services, students can be identified in the following ways:
Classroom performance and observation
Standardized Testing
Competency Assessment
Referrals from classroom teachers
Referral from parents/guardians

Contact Information

Carise Comstock 610-868-2971 ext 3133 or ccomstock@charterarts.org