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Charter Arts students are impassioned and motivated. They want to be at school every day. In addition to their coursework and their performance schedule, students also enjoy a wide range of student clubs, student activities, community involvement, field trips, and masterclasses. They learn self-confidence, collaboration, problem-solving and develop discipline and a focused work ethic at Charter Arts.

“There is such a unique supportive culture here, I knew I belonged here the second I walked in the door, “– Jonathan A.

Field trips add to the student experience at Charter Arts.

Giving back to the community is an important part of student club initiatives at Charter Arts

Students are proud to work with faculty and staff to maintain a beautiful school campus.

Charter Arts students share their art with the community in many ways. Audiences attend close 90 performances, events, and exhibits each year at Charter Arts venues. In addition, students take their art out to the community, like the annual Children’s Show tour and regular events at Godfrey Daniels, SteelStacks, and more!

Students enjoy valuable input from visiting artists, scholars, and business leaders.

School spirit is always present at Charter Arts.  This year’s color clash competition between grades included a door decorating contest. 

Charter Arts students respect and support each other which creates an engaging and welcoming school culture. The annual Wall of Beauty is a chance for students to post notes of gratitude to fellow classmates.

Finding ways to support club initiatives, events, and charitable causes, students run a variety of fundraisers like bake sales, art fairs, and more.

Students often have the chance to speak about the school with broadcast and print media.