A program of arts enrichment workshops that is open to the community.
Learn something new this summer and have fun working with young artists from the Lehigh Valley and beyond.
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Venture Academy Film Session #2

July 13, 2017 6:00 pm
July 13, 2017 8:00 pm
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LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE, A PILGRIM’S JOURNEY FOR THE YOUNG OF MIND AND HEART.  This series of guided explorations is designed to promote provocative ideas, images, and sensations for venturesome adults seeking to cope with an increasingly complex, bewildering, exciting, wondrous, interesting, and sometimes scary world.

The Art of Religion and the Religion of Art:  A series of multi-media explorations from the Painted Caves of Prehistory to the Digital Caves of the 21st Century.  Each week of the series will feature a live session on Tuesday evening and a guided film session on Thursday evening.

Week 2:  Tuesday, July 11 (6:15-7:30pm)— In the Beginning:  The Sacred Entanglement of Religion and Art, Norman Girardot, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion, Lehigh University

Consideration of Paleolithic and Neolithic origins of human culture as rooted in the Symbolic Explosion of language and image and the related technology of knowing and participating in the cosmic round of life via religion and art.  6:15-7:30pm

 FILM:  Thursday, July 13 (6-8pm):  Nigel Spivey’s “How Art Made the World—The Day Pictures were Born”.  A revelatory BBC documentary about the shamanistic and visionary origins of art and religion.

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