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Virginie Gournet

Phone: 610-868-2971 Ext. 2426

Virginie Gournet is a French native. She was born and raised in France. She has taught at The
Episcopal Academy in Newton Square, as well as, Moravian Academy in Bethlehem. She was
very instrumental in a French exchange program in Nancy, France. She organized summer
camps, conversation table and tutoring classes for adults and children. She was the President
and the National French Contest Administrator for the American Association of Teachers of
French in the Lehigh Valley. Virginie is an advocate of the French language.

She started working at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts in November 2012.
She enjoys presenting the students with the French curriculum and the French culture. She
believes that learning a language; the students should be exposed to reading, speaking, writing,
listening, comprehension, creating projects, playing games and listening to French songs. In the
summer of 2020, she took classes with the Summer Institute Ci Liftoff to become more apt to
use the Ci Method-Comprehensive input Method that other teachers were using in the

She earned a Positive Pyschology Certificate in January 2015. Her final project was on
Empathy and Mindset. She earned a Coaching Certificate in Positive Psychology in Mai 2015
and a Teaching for Transformation Coaching Certificate in the spring of 2015.
She became a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Master Certified Life Coach in May and
June of 2022. She also received a certificate from the Mindful Schools for Mindfulness
foundations and a Certificate to teach Mindfulness in the classroom fom K to 12 in May 2022.