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Vocal Music

Advanced study of the musical craft is essential to the development of a competent artist. We are dedicated to providing our students with a vibrant performance experience, supporting their vocal health and musical literacy. By fusing creative expression with technical skill, we help students become the artists and performers they seek to become.

In the Charter Arts Vocal Music program, students learn to read music at an advanced level, as well as understand the historical setting of the pieces in their musical repertoire. Our faculty helps them listen analytically, with skills that develop both their critical sense of music and thought. Working with each other, students learn teamwork and become creative and cooperative members of musical ensembles.

Whether learning how to practice efficiently, contribute to an ensemble rehearsal, or understand the musical theory behind a selection, we teach students the craft necessary to perform at the highest level possible.

LVPA ~ Vocal MusicAt the same time, students are asked to uncover and distinguish important philosophical differences, such as those between a technician and an artist, between an entertainer and a musician, or between an adequate performance and a successful one.

Our department currently serves more than 120 students in grades 9-12. Each year, our students have the opportunity to study with our experienced staff and perform solo and ensemble literature ranging from the Renaissance to the contemporary.

The Charter Arts Vocal Department often hosts master classes with nationally recognized singers and conductors, providing a highly rich and challenging artistic experience unparalleled by other high school music programs in this region.

We encourage you to explore and learn more about our department’s philosophy and curriculum. If you wish to experience music in a way that challenges your skill and cultivates your creativity, then the Charter Arts Vocal Department may be the place for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Assistant Director of the Music Department, Erica Dickson at