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Special Education

Director of Special Education:

Ashlee Grennan

610-868-2971 ext. 3125

Case Managers:

Jessica Diane – Grades 9 & 10

Nicole Bell – Grades 11 & 12

School Psychologist

Georgia Belk

610-868-2971 ext. 2220

The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts provides a unique environment for all students that fosters a creative academic approach to learning and a development of talent in the arts. Built upon passion, discipline and a commitment to excellence, this integrative educational experience inspires all students to believe in themselves and what they can accomplish. Students who receive special education services are provided a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment and are included fully within the general education curriculum.  Through collaboration the IEP team works to create specially designed instruction, including accommodations and modifications, designed to help each student reach their potential.  It is a goal of the special education department to promote self-determination and responsibility in students so they will be able to advocate for themselves and attain the skills and knowledge necessary to become an integral member of society.

If you have any questions about special education please feel free to contact the Director of Special Education, Ashlee Grennan.   If you feel as if your child is experiencing difficulty in school that may be related to a disability, please call and discuss options to help them find success including Multi-Tier System of Supports, evaluations, Chapter 15/504 plans, and Individualized Education Plans.

For Child Find Information, see pages 33-35 in the Charter Arts Student Handbook.