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School Safety

Charter Arts Safety Committee

Mission Statement:

To increase safety awareness in the school through communication and education, to provide a formal mechanism for handling safety issues and concerns, and to create the safest school environment possible.

Safety Committee Members:

  • Magna Bardales
  • Joseph Boyle
  • Judy Lasso
  • Brian Filchner
  • Virginie Gournet
  • Jennifer Levernier
  • MaryJo Rosania-Harvie
  • Cheryl Schurz
  • Peter Wrenn-Meleck
  • Plus Two Student Representatives

The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts administration and staff, together with the City of Bethlehem Police Department emergency management, trained to use the Standard Response Protocol. This is a school safety program developed by the iloveyouguys foundation to respond to emergency situations.

Read more about the Standard Response Protocol and the iloveyouguys foundation, visit their website.

For more information about parent and school expectations in an emergency, please visit the below link:

Parent Emergency Response Protocol

For more information about the reunification process please visit the below link:

Reunification Information for Parents

To learn more about our specific safety actions, please visit this

Link to Definitions/Explanations of Safety Actions

LOCKOUT – “Secure the Perimeter”

LOCKDOWN – “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight”

EVACUATE – “To the Announced Location”

SHELTER – “For a Hazard Using a Safety Strategy”

HOLD IN YOUR CLASSROOM– “Hold in your classroom”

Net Cetera

Online Safety & Security for Children